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What started out as a fun tongue-in-cheek take on everyday people, the Rhyme Fighters comics became a sort of a character study project for me. Whenever one talks about Mumbai, one would talk about the film industry, the riches, the high rises and so on. But what about the people who make sure the city runs the way it does? What about the traffic cops, the Irani cafes, the fisherfolk, the security guys in buildings? My aim was to bring them to the forefront, albeit in a tongue-in-cheek way (because why not?) and thus was born this series. Rhyme Fighters went on to win awards such as the Comic Con India awards 2018 and 2019, the AnimationXpress CBAM award 2020 to name a few. Not just the comics, Diksha and I proudly launched our Rhyme Fighters terracotta figurines too, which turned out to be quite a hit for collectors.

So, we thank you for picking up this Collected Edition we call “Bombay Rhymes”. This collects issues 1-3, and for the first time in full colour (The first issue was black and white earlier).

Bombay Rhymes - The collected Rhyme Fighters

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